Que Linda


Frequently Asked Questions

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What charity does Que Linda benefit?

That depends! Some products are created specifically to benefit certain charities, but more frequently, our artists recommend charities that are near and dear to them. However, we realize that buyers have charities they're passionate about, too, so we give you the option to plug your own charity in at checkout. That said, our policy is to only donate to charities that have 4 stars on Charity Navigator. If the charity you request doesn't meet those criteria, Que Linda reserves the right to donate to the artist's recommended charity.

How do you determine costs and donations?

Every sale at Que Linda donates at least 50% to charity. This is our guiding principle.

Each artist determines their own costs. We strive to make sure artists can cover their materials, and get at least a token payment for their time, though this is often significantly below market value.

Credit card processing fees are pre-determined by our partners.

What's your shipping policy? 

We're charging a flat $5 for shipping for now. Keep in mind that if you buy items from more than one shop, they may arrive separately. 

Each sale ships with a thank you note explaining what Que Linda is and which charity your sale is benefiting.

Can I search for products that benefit a specific charity? Or products by a specific artist?

Each item is tagged with the charity it benefits as well as the artist who created it. Searching the charity or artist should pull up all of their products. As the site grows, we continue to refine the look and design. Our goal is to make it equally easy to shop for a specific item as for a specific charity or artist.

Can I sell with Que Linda?

Yes! We are accepting new artists and would love to talk to you. Reach out to us at QueLindaNFP@gmail.com and we can send you information on the process.

What is your return policy?

Because of the nature of our business and business model, we cannot process returns. But we want you to be happy with your purchase! If you have any questions about an item before you buy, please send us an email. If you're dissatisfied with it, please let us know, and we'll make a good faith effort to come up with a solution for you. 

Do you charge sales tax?

We do. Trust us when we say the rules for how to tax goods sold by a non profit are complicated. To protect the value of our artist's work, and to comply fully with various IRS provisions, as well as state and local laws, Que Linda charges sales tax on all goods sold. Since Illinois (where we're based) is an origin-tax state, everything is taxed at the Illinois rate of 8.75%.