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Thank You For Being (Freya's) Friends

Shawna OhmComment

I am a crazy dog lady. This is surprising to literally no one.

But once upon a time, I was a crazy dog lady with no dog.

I lived in New York City in an apartment where they weren’t allowed. And trust me when I tell you there are few things creepier than a dog-obsessed woman with no dog. I’d stop strangers and ask for pets. I had canine crushes. I was thirsty.

Then my coworker Anna came to my rescue. She offered to “share” her dog and sent me regular photos of her amazing German Shepard pupper whenever I needed a doggo moment.

Freya was such a good girl. The goodest, in fact.

We were all shocked when Freya passed away suddenly, while still a puppy. I know it was crushing for Anna in a way I can’t and won’t attempt to describe.

This year, on the one year anniversary of Freya’s death, Anna had the idea to do a commemorative event to raise money for animal charities, both nationally and in Iowa. For six weeks, she commissioned pet portraits. These custom, stippled portraits took her hours to create, but she charged just $5 for the work involved.

For the first time, Que Linda let buyers choose how much they wanted to donate … and I have to say you guys were generous. You donated more than the minimum at every turn.

In that short period of time, Anna raised more than $750 for animal charities in Freya’s honor.

$200 went to the American Humane Association and $555 to the American Rescue League in Iowa (where Anna is based).

This was the most successful product campaign Que Linda has ever had, and we’ve taken notes! Anna is plotting possible future events, so if you missed your chance this time, you may still be able to get a portrait of your bestie… stay tuned.

In the meantime, I want to say THANK YOU to Anna for having the idea. Thank you to everyone who shopped. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that getting to see photos of your sweet pets brightened all my days.

Shop more of Anna’s work here.