Que Linda


It's as pretty as I thought

Shawna Ohm

It's taken me awhile to write this post. I want to tell you what it felt like to finally press Live. To see orders appear in my inbox. To receive photos of people i love and admire wearing Que Linda. I want to share what it felt like to hit Submit on more than $300 in donations to various charities.

But also, I want to share just how terrifying it feels. Anyone who runs distances knows that the truly scary part of a marathon is feeling amazing on miles 10-18. Because that's when you burn out, go too fast, ignore the limitations you spent so long learning, and ruin your race.

So now it's time for pacing. Savoring the joy of each sale. (And let me assure you, there is a vocal SQUEEEEEE every. single. time.) But also looking forward. It's time to go back to business plans, and expansion targets, and deliverables I can hold myself accountable for. It's daunting and exciting all at once.

When I thought about how to put this in words, I kept coming back to my favorite quotation of all time: "Isn't it pretty to think so?"


The quote is about the contrast between reality and what might have been. And Hemingway's final line seems to end the debate. That it’s lovely to think of what might have been but it’s just that, a thought. It’s not real and never will be.

Personally, I've read enough Hemingway to think he always wanted someone to prove him wrong.

And we did. Que Linda proved him wrong. When I dreamed this up, it was pretty to think it would succeed. That you'd like it. That I could help people. And now that it's here... it's just as pretty as I thought.

So I want to take a moment to acknowledge we did it. We put in the work and we took the first steps. And pardon my language, but it felt fucking great.

So THANK YOU to everyone who's been a part of that. From my board, who spent hours reviewing power points, inventories, designs and legalese to friends who bought things in week one. From former coworkers who took a chance listing their art (love you, Anna) to my Harlem homegirl who broke her very good rule of not working for free because she believes in what we're doing. I literally do a skip or a dance every time I think about you, and this.

Lastly, I promised to always be transparent. So, here's what we made happen in the three weeks we were open in July:

To celebrate, and to test out some new styles, everyone who buys something before August 26th will get a bonus gift with purchase. So go on. Keep shopping, and spread the QL love.

Forever grateful,