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There's (No) Politics in Charity

Shawna OhmComment

Recently I shared a preview of this site with a social media friend—someone I've never met but follow on twitter. In all honesty, I followed her because she's a fan of Trump and I am not. But she seemed like an independent thinker with a unique perspective (follow her! @ihate_everyone2).  That's also why I sent her the site prelaunch. I knew she'd be brutally honest, and had no reason to flatter me.

She was a big help on many fronts but the best thing she asked me was whether I would feature an artist on the site if their recommended charity was a pro-life organization. (I'm pro-choice.)

This made me think more broadly about where to draw the line on donations. How do we know we're giving to good charities? How do we stay out of politics in a world where everything feels political?

The whole point of this site is to make the world better. And I certainly have a vision for what that looks like. But that might not be someone else's idea of a better world.

When I really sit with it, I have to ask: Who am I to decide what will make the world better and how?

It's natural that people want to support different charities working toward different goals. And so here is Que Linda's official policy on donating to charities:

Que Linda will donate to any charity that has a 4-star rating on charity navigator. 

Charity navigator looks at a number of criteria, including financial metrics and transparency/accountability. What it does *not* do is rate or judge the charity's mission.

If the charity does not have a 4-star rating, we'll still do a review.

Through all of this, my goal is to be as transparent as possible, and I'll be updating our Partner page to include Charity Navigator metrics.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Comments are on, let's hear 'em!