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Holy Sh!t Batman

Shawna Ohm
Getting my hair done at First Love Kenya, the day my lightbulb finally went off for Que Linda.

Getting my hair done at First Love Kenya, the day my lightbulb finally went off for Que Linda.

Is it bad luck to start the first blog post about your passion project—a charity no less—with a curse word? I guess we'll find out!

I think once I share my timeline, though, you'll see that it's not gratuitous.

  • Pre-2017: I have a vague notion to do something with my crafts, other than wear them or give them as gifts, but can't be bothered to figure it out.
  • Fall 2017: I have the idea to give things to people if they donate to my favorite charities, but dismiss it as too much work.
  • March 13, 2018: While visiting an orphanage in Kenya on vacation, a lightbulb goes off and the full idea finally forms.
  • March 31, 2018: I say my idea out loud for the first time to family. (Thank you, Lisa and Aunt Rose, for fanning a flame that could easily have been put out.)
  • May 1, 2018: Que Linda NFP is incorporated with the state of Illinois.

... Something I couldn't put my finger on a year ago now has a name, a website, a tax ID number and a bank account.

It has the potential to fulfill my wildest dreams: Help people in need via charities I believe in; Build a legacy for my mom; Give a creative platform to those who crave one; And link art and charity in a meaningful and accessible way.

It also has the potential to fail miserably: bylaws, board meetings, inventory, terms & conditions, contributing artists, site design, payment processing, accounting, IRS forms... each one of these things is complex with substantial room for error.

So far, we've broken down every challenge in a way that would make Christopher Nolan proud. What seems like an overwhelming action sequence on first glance has turned into logistical shot sheets... there's a plan, a props person, a costume director, and somehow, so far, everything has worked out.

I picked a kickass board, and I have supportive friends and partners who oooh and aaah at all the right times, and who remind me of the potential to succeed when all I can think about is the alternative. To all of you: THANK YOU!

In just a few weeks we'll have a soft launch, where family and friends can test what we've built. I can't wait for you to see it. And in the meantime ... Holy Sh!t, Batman! It's really happening!

Stay tuned,