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Artist spotlight: Heartsabustin

We have to admit, we fell for her jewelry first, but Erin of Heartsabustin truly embodies kindness. Born in Tennessee and based in North Carolina, she creates handmade fine jewelry. But “creates” sounds too easy. She saws metal, solders, hammers, makes chain and all manner of insanely skilled things. She somehow manages to take care of her kids, do holiday crafts, and be an all around super woman at the same time. Basically, we want to be Erin when we grow up.

Heartsabustin butterfly pendant

Not only does Erin make amazing jewelry, she also offers tutorials that are helpful to shoppers and artists alike. For instance, she walks through the different types of gold you find shopping online so you can make educated choices and not get ripped off. Or here she walks through how to silver smith a custom butterfly-back pendant which is both neat and educational. She even did a tutorial on how to take great pictures of jewelry that we wish we had last year when we started this site!

In short, she’s an artist’s artist with a heart of gold to match!

To shop more of Erin’s work, head to her website—www.heartsabustin.myshopify.com

You can also follow her on twitter @heartsabustin or instagram @heartsabustin. Even if you don’t like jewelry, you’ll love her posts on holiday decorations, family, and more.

Erin also takes custom orders! And … just in case you weren’t convinced she’s super woman … she also just launched a new project Southern Twisted Soaps selling amazing scrubs, soaps, lotions and other skincare.

St Jude.png

Erin is staying true to her Tennessee roots and wants her work with Que Linda to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you’re not familiar, this amazing charity treats children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Not only that, the hospital also does research to help advance treatments and find cures.

NO ONE is turned away based on their race, religion or ability to pay.