Que Linda


Explaining to Que Linda's mascot, Sweetness, how grateful we are for your support.

Explaining to Que Linda's mascot, Sweetness, how grateful we are for your support.

Welcome to Que Linda—where creativity and philanthropy meet.

Our goal is to make it easier to help charities just by shopping. Each product on this site is made by hand by an artist or artisan. Que Linda donates all profits—a minimum of 50% of the purchase price—to a partner charity. 

So what charities do we support? The short answer is all of them.

Some items are created to benefit a specific charity.

For most items, however, the artist recommends a charity that's important to them. Your donation goes here, unless you tell us otherwise. We know you have charities that are important to you, too. So we give you the option to switch the recipient to your own preferred charity at checkout. (If you don't have a charity you're passionate about, please support the artist's charity choice!)

But why Que Linda? First, it means, "How pretty!" in Spanish. But really, our founder, Shawna Ohm, named the site after her mom. 

Linda Ohm's creativity and passion helped provide the inspiration for this site. She died from breast cancer before she could "make the world remember her name." We hope this site can do that. 


If you're a shopper who likes to pay it forward, welcome. This site was built for you! If you have a request for an item you don't see, let us know.

If you're an artist or crafter who loves to create, sell with Que Linda and use your creativity to help your favorite causes.

If you're a charity looking to fundraise through quid pro quo donations, we provide a platform and online access to customers. It's also a great way to sell auction items, both ahead of and after events.

Reach us any time at QueLindaNFP@gmail.com.